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The SEE Program

Watertown High School

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Welcome to the first Watertown School District student "Weblog", the S.E.E. Program Livejournal Community. The S.E.E. Program is an alternative educational program at the secondary level, located off-campus from Watertown High School. "S.E.E." stands for "Secondary Educational and Employment Program". Want to know more about the S.E.E.? Check out our "Community Weblog".

Creators: The Blog Elective class - Lauren Fox and Anthony Arria

Elective Creator/Teacher - Norm Destrempe

Elective Consultant/Engineer/Teacher - Carol Ginsberg Brown

Special thanks for supporting the Blog to Van Seasholes and Alan Epstein

Posting Guidelines:

1. Don't use any hateful language or profanity.
2. Respect all members rights of privacy.
3. Observe the 'Five Basic Principles of Conduct' expected of all Watertown High School students.

Any person or persons who does not oblige to these rules will immediately be banned from this community.